Lindsey Mead an Intern Who Witnessed What God Did – Video Clip

Lindsey Mead is an intern with Convoy of Hope Europe. It’s a group I’m well familiar with, as I helped them put together a fundraising video in Brussels Belgium and I was privileged to help them deliver 22 tons of canned goods to orphanages and poor people in Nitra, Slovakia.

The organization operates on a shoestring budget and they are short staffed by about ten people. The last time I stayed at their headquarters in Brussels, the furnace was out and the electric heater in my bedroom was intermittent. I had to wear a winter cap to stay warm enough to sleep. After blogging about the experience, it didn’t take long for a short-term mission team to head overseas and repair their furnace. I still hold fond memories for each person I worked and laughed with.

I now count Lindsey as one of those friends. She is originally from the states, but her parents both speak with proper Queen’s English, which has impacted Lindsey’s speech. While in Ireland, her voice helped her to fit right in with Europeans from various nearby countries. It gave her an opportunity to see and experience the hand of God touch the lives of many in Ireland.

Lindsey Mead an Intern Who Witnessed What God Did from CJ Powers on Vimeo.

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