St. Mark’s Church in Dublin, Ireland – Video Clip

When talking with numerous members of the congregation at St. Mark’s Church in Dublin, Ireland, there is a sense that God is bringing about a revival. The first sign of it came with significant pain last January, as the church lost several dads at the same time. The pain of grieving was not lost in sorrow, but turned into hope with a new passion for worship.

During the middle of July, without any knowledge of what the church’s loss or the struggles its congregation endured, various groups from across the globe descended upon Ireland with a mission of being a part of God’s revival – His answer to their pain.

A ministry from Oklahoma came to encourage young children in the area. A church from California sent their college students to minister to teens in Dublin. Convoy of Hope delivered food to the poor and homeless. A 24/7 prayer team came from abroad and have been praying for Ireland since they arrived. And, Calvary Church in Naperville, Il, took on several major construction projects at St. Mark’s Church to encourage the congregation and prepare them for the coming revival.

The revival began as a small seed of hope that is sure to grow. Michael McNamee spoke about the humble beginnings that is likely to spread throughout Europe like a domino effect.

Michael McNamee on Revival in Dublin from CJ Powers on Vimeo.

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